The Laemmle family has done more than any other American family to dedicate themselves to supporting, encouraging, innovating and elevating the art of filmmaking. For three generations, Laemmles have made it their life’s work, and the movie-going public has been the beneficiary. 

They have inspired us, challenged us, opened doors and pioneered visionary ideas for film exhibition, which have set a new bar for others to follow.

For over 80 years, the Laemmles have supported quality film and the luminaries responsible for its creation. They’ve elevated the conversation around cinema to a high level and continually seek meaningful and innovative ways to connect the art form to the community at-large. More than just L.A.’s seminal arthouse, Laemmle Theatres is an integral part of the region’s fabric, yet the family’s story is one that has never truly been explored.

Only In Theaters finally tells the tale of the Laemmles.